Diskette GRAFIC1 GRAFIC1 descargar_n
720KMSX-DOSMSX2 Personal disk [Jan 01, 1989] visitasdp_n 23819 barra_n  descargas_n 23819 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nFeb 18, 2006
Disk with self made programas and graphics.

As is in MSX-DOS mode, type BASIC in prompt.
Diskette GRAFIC1
Programas del diskette
Videographics Full ScreenVideographics Full ScreenTweaked Videographics sof...Type VIDEOFUL after A> promptOct 18, 2004MSX21988PhilipsDesignMSX-DOS
VideographicsVideographicsPhilips Videographics sof...Type VIDEOGRF after A> promptOct 18, 2004MSX21988PhilipsDesignMSX-DOS
CD48 V1.7 OCT90CD48 V1.7 OCT90Basic and machine code ma...run "CD48Feb 26, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
AnimaticAnimaticProgram made in BASIC use...run "animaticFeb 26, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
DesignRDesignRProgram to desing sprites...run "designrFeb 26, 2006MSX21988Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
VaticanoVaticanoGame project. This consis...run "vaticano
run "vat" (A initial version, without stage)
Oct 18, 2004MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
MakeSonMakeSonIt can make a lot of weir...run "makesonOct 18, 2004MSX1990Juan PradaSoundMSX-BASIC
MovRobotMovRobotMoves a robot...run "movrobotOct 18, 2004MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
AutoGam 1AutoGam 1Menu for a game's diskett...run "autogam1.basOct 18, 2004MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
AutoGam 2AutoGam 2Menu for a game's diskett...run "autogam2.basOct 18, 2004MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
TransChrTransChrProgram to convert SCREEN...run "transchrFeb 18, 2006MSX21989Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
DesignSpDesignSpProgram to desing sprites...run "designspOct 18, 2004MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
SaltosSaltosSprite movement test in a...run "saltosFeb 18, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
BasWalkBasWalkSprite movement test made...run "baswalkFeb 18, 2006MSX2004Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
Moves 2Moves 2Testing of a 3D scroll an...run "moves2.basFeb 18, 2006MSX1989Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
ScrollScrollTest of a 3D stars scroll...run "scroll.basFeb 18, 2006MSX1989Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
Bichis C1Bichis C1Test of a sprite jumping ...run "bichisc1Feb 18, 2006MSX1989Juan PradaAnimationsMSX-BASIC
Trans 8-5Trans 8-5Converts a SCREEN8 to SCR...run "trans8-5Feb 18, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
Sprite 5Sprite 5Captures Sprites in a SCR...run "sprite5Feb 18, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
MoviolaMoviolaFor the NMS8280, the prog...run "moviolaFeb 18, 2006MSX21990Juan PradaDesignMSX-BASIC
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