AutoGam 2
Juan PradaMSX-BASICMSX2 Animations [Jan 01, 1990] visitasdp_n 23589 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nOct 18, 2004
ejecucion run "autogam2.bas
raton No / Optional
comentario instrucciones
Menu for a game's diskette. It launch the games. The graphics have been made with CD48. Select the game with the cursor keys and then press return.
Obviously, the games will not work, as the program is made to copy then to a diskette where were stored the games.
Diskettes del programa
Click to see diskette 'GRAFIC1'GRAFIC1Disk with self made programas and graphics. As is in MSX-...20MSX2Feb 18, 2006720KPersonal diskMSX-DOS
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