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OPERA softMSX-DOSMSX2 Design [Jan 01, 1989] visitasdp_n 23649 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nFeb 17, 2006
ejecucion Type DF8 after A> prompt
raton No / Optional
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Opera Soft's MSX2 internal graphic editor. It has some "Livingstone, I supouse" sprites that can be viewed selecting LOAD option. It works using buttons on the screen. Some stored graphics:
BICH1: Some kind of bug made my the autor of this site.
AGUILA: Sprite from "Livingstone, I supouse", game.
LLAMAS: More graphics from this game.
Diskettes del programa
Click to see diskette 'EGOS'EGOSGraphic operating system made by Opera Soft, version 1.5. I...2MSX2Feb 17, 2006720KSystemsMSX-DOS
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