AutoGam 1
Juan PradaMSX-BASICMSX2 Animations [Jan 01, 1990] visitasdp_n 23597 barra_n  actualizaciondp_nOct 18, 2004
ejecucion run "autogam1.bas
raton No / Optional
comentario instrucciones
Menu for a game's diskette. It launch the games. Select the game with the cursor keys and then press return.
Obviously, the games will not work, as the program is made to copy then to a diskette where were stored the games.
Diskettes del programa
Click to see diskette 'GRAFIC1'GRAFIC1Disk with self made programas and graphics. As is in MSX-...20MSX2Feb 18, 2006720KPersonal diskMSX-DOS
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